Tacking Irons

21st Century Tacking Iron

The 21st Century Tacking Iron's built-in, solid-state temperature control system holds the heat within 3°F (1.7°C) of your dial setting. The temperature is selected by degrees from 100°F to 450°F instead of a hit or miss 0 - 10 type knob. The temperature selector dial is located on the handle where it is cool instead of the hot shoe. An LED indicator light located on the handle will begin to blink when the selected heat setting is reached. The shoe of this tacking iron has a flat bottom, rounded nose and well rounded sides. The shoe measures 4-3/4" in length by 2" in width with the front 1" of the tip angled up slightly. The shoe is coated with Teflon to assure smooth non-stick operation. This tacking iron is supplied with a wire formed resting stand and even comes with a soft cotton shoe cover to protect the Teflon coating when not in use.

The 21st Century Tacking Iron in 220v is for use overseas only. It comes with a European style end plug.

Keep in mind that all tacking irons are made for use in the hobby/model and photographic fields. Conservation usage is much harder on a tacking iron than what they were originally designed to be used. Therefore, the life expectancy of the tacking iron, the handle mount and the Teflon coating on the shoe, will depend upon how it is used in your laboratory.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-16110Tacking Iron, 21st Century$46.08
LS-16220Tacking Iron, 21st Century-220v$55.53

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