3M 6000 and 7500 Series Respirators

The 3M 7500 series respirator looks similar to the 3M 6000 series. The 7500 series soft silicone facepiece has a matte finish to reduce slippage and provides maximum comfort by decreasing pressure points and reducing neck strain. The extra large inhalation and exhalation values provides for easier breathing. It features a four point strap attachment with convenient front strap adjustment and hinged exhalation valve cover. For unsurpassed versatility, the 3M Series 7500 respirator uses the 3M 6000 Series cartridges and prefilters. Where as the Series 6000 respirator is considered to be a semi-disposable model, the Series 7500 respirator is not, all of the Series 7500 moving parts are replaceable.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
SE-475013M 7500 Respirator Facepiece, Small$0.00
SE-475023M 7500 Respirator Facepiece, Medium$0.00
SE-475033M 7500 Respirator Facepiece, Large$0.00

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