Ultraviolet Lights

3UV Multi-Wavelength Lamp

This innovative lamp houses three ultraviolet wavelengths operated via A/C power. Selection of each wavelength is by an easy turn of the dial located on one end of the housing. The uniquely desiged reflectors mounted behind each tube provides maximum UV for floresence uses. Lightweight and eronomically designed for hand or stationary use. Choose from, 4-watt, 6-watt or 8-watt models. If you need any of the units for use with 230V/50Hz voltage just give us a call for additional information and pricing


If you need any of the units listed on this page for use with 230V/50Hz voltage just give us a call and we will supply you with product information and pricing.

A word about voltage. If you plan to use your UV lamp within the United States, then you will need to purchase a lamp for 120 volts. If you plan to use one of these lamps outside the US, check first what the voltage is in that country, odds are it will be 230 volts. Some 230 volt UV lamps don’t come with a plug due to the fact end plugs change from country to country. Call for more information.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LT-120343UV-34 UV Lamp, 4 Watt$0.00
LT-120363UV-36 UV Lamp, 6 Watt$0.00
LT-120383UV-38 UV Lamp, 8 Watt$0.00

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