Anoxic Equipment

8800 Leak Detector

It is critical that when you are creating an oxygen barrier bag, that it is absolutely free of leaks. Our 8800 leak detector will locate gas leaks as minute as 5 ppm of most combustible gases. Before sealing the last frication of and inch of your bag, just release a few second blast of canned air in the bag. The propellants used in most canned air such as Dust Off (see below), contains enough combustible gas to be easily detected if a leak is present in your bag. Once the bag is sealed, make a quick pass around all seams, if a leak is detected, the leak detector will pinpoint the leak with an audible "Geiger Counter" type signal.

The 8800 leak detector features adjustable sensitivity, instantaneous response time, a 15 inch probe, automatic warm-up takes approx. 15-30 seconds, cordless operation, two 2.4V NiCad batteries included with built-in recharger adapter and low battery indicator.


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