Oxygen Absorbers - RP System

RP System Type-A Oxygen/Moisture Absorbers

RP System stands for Revolutionary Preservation System. The RP System is a unique new atmospheric modification preservation system and is an excellent choice for long-term storage of artifacts over the use of Ageless. It creates an environment free of the elements that could cause your artifacts and delicate cultural treasures premature oxidation or deterioration. The RP System is used much like Ageless only it provides so much more protection. The RP System comes in two distinctly different types: Type-A and Type-K.

RP Type-A absorbs oxygen, corrosive gasses and moisture, making it the perfect choice for most any metallic objects such as archaeological iron, coins and so forth where controlling moisture is necessary to prevent further oxidation and corrosion (rust).

RP Type-K absorbs oxygen, corrosive gasses and is moisture neutral making it the right choice for preservation of wood, paper, fabric, leather or any object sensitive to moisture changes which could deteriorate in an environment with too low of relative humidity.

The RP System comes packaged in two different sizes RP-3 and RP-20. The RP-3 is for smaller preservation projects where as the RP-20 is useful and provides a more economical approach for larger projects. Click on the link below to calculate just how many RP packets you will need to meet your project requirements.

Each RP System RP-3A packet will absorb the oxygen, corrosive gas and moisture content from approximately 300 ml of air. Each RP-3A packet measures 35 x 120 mm or 1-3/4" x 4" x 3/4". RP-3A comes packaged 25 packets per bag, each case contains 40 bags each containing 25 packets for a total of 1,000 packets

Each RP System RP-20A packet will absorb the oxygen, corrosive gas and moisture content from approximately 2000 ml of air. Each RP-20A packet measures 100 x 130 mm or 4-3/8" x 5" x 1/8". RP-20A comes packaged 10 packets per bag, each case contains 25 bags each containing 10 packets for a total of 250 packets

          RP System Requirement Calculations         

Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AM-9003A-0001Ageless RP-3A, 25pcs/1 bag$36.23
AM-9003A-0020Ageless RP-3A, 1/2 case/20 bags$576.00
AM-9003A-0040Ageless RP-3A, case/40 bags$720.00
AM-9020A-0001Ageless RP-20A, 10pcs/1 bag$84.99
AM-9020A-0012Ageless RP-20A, 1/2 case/12 bags$810.00
AM-9020A-0025Ageless RP-20A, case/25 bags$1,051.50

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