Weighing Dishes

Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Our Fluted Sided aluminum weighing dishes have a flat bottom, are inexpensive and ideal for weighing and dispensing chemicals. They can also be used in many other areas such as a heating dish for epoxy. The weighing dish has a convenient finger-grip handle that can be written on as an identification tag. Each dish measures 2-1/2" in dia., 1/2" in depth and has a capacity of 1-3/8 fl oz. They come 100 dishes per pack.

Our Smooth Sided aluminum weighing dish has completely smooth sides and bottom. These lightweight dishes have a rolled rim edge (no sharp edges to cut yourself on) and slightly sloping sides. Each dish measures 2-3/4" in dia., 5/8" in depth and has a capacity of 2-3/8 fl oz. They come 100 dishes per pack.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-25760-0001Weighing Dish, Fluted Alum., 100pk$0.00
LS-25760-0010Weighing Dish, Fluted Alum. Case$0.00
LS-25765-0001Weighing Dish, Smooth Alum., 100pk$0.00
LS-25765-0010Weighing Dish, Smooth Alum., Case$0.00

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