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Bottles - Amber & Clear Glass Boston Rounds

Boston rounds are narrow-mouth bottles ideal for all of your liquid storage needs. Choose between amber glass for light-sensitive materials or clear flint glass for maximum content visibility. Select either: Green Teflon (TFE) lined closures which are suitable for all chemicals and provides good sealing properties, or Poly-Seal closures with their distinctive polyethylene cone seal which offers good chemical resistance and a tight seal.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-90102Amber Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90104Amber Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90108Amber Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90116Amber Boston, P-Seal, 12$0.00
LS-90132Amber Boston, P-Seal, 12$0.00
LS-90202Amber Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90204Amber Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90208Amber Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90216Amber Boston, TFE, 12$0.00
LS-90232Amber Boston, TFE, 12$0.00
LS-90302Clear Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90304Clear Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90308Clear Boston, P-Seal, 24$0.00
LS-90316Clear Boston, P-Seal, 12$0.00
LS-90332Clear Boston, P-Seal, 12$0.00
LS-90402Clear Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90404Clear Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90408Clear Boston, TFE, 24$0.00
LS-90416Clear Boston, TFE, 12$0.00
LS-90432Clear Boston, TFE, 12$0.00

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