Water Soluble Resins


Aquazol has found its way into every area of conservation. The conservators that have contacted us about this water soluble resin tell us it can be used as an adhesive, inpainting medium, consolidant, binder, and an excellent replacement for hide glue in gesso. The resin is based on the component Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline), C5H9NO. It can be used in diverse applications, particularly where water-solubility and thermal stability are desired. Aquazol has broad solubility in water and polar organic solvents such as Toluene, MEK, Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol. Aqueous solutions have a neutral pH.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-81050-0002Aquazol 50, 2 oz.$10.06
AD-81050-0004Aquazol 50, 4 oz.$16.13
AD-81050-0008Aquazol 50, 8 oz.$28.30
AD-81050-0100Aquazol 50, 1 lb.$48.62
AD-81050-0200Aquazol 50, 1 kg.$96.26
AD-81050-0500Aquazol 50, 5 lbs.$196.89
AD-81200-0002Aquazol 200, 2 oz.$10.06
AD-81200-0004Aquazol 200, 4 oz.$16.13
AD-81200-0008Aquazol 200, 8 oz.$28.30
AD-81200-0100Aquazol 200, 1 lb.$48.62
AD-81200-0200Aquazol 200, 1 kg.$96.26
AD-81200-0500Aquazol 200, 5 lbs.$196.89
AD-81500-0002Aquazol 500, 2 oz.$10.06
AD-81500-0004Aquazol 500, 4 oz.$16.13
AD-81500-0008Aquazol 500, 8 oz.$28.30
AD-81500-0100Aquazol 500, 1 lb.$48.62
AD-81500-0200Aquazol 500, 1 kg.$96.26
AD-81500-0500Aquazol 500, 5 lbs.$196.89

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