Water Based Glaze

Aqueous China Glaze

Aqueous China Glaze is a water-based porcelain restoration glaze that is reversible and thinned with water. This is an especially good product for conservators that are trying to eliminate the more toxic solvent-based glazes from their working environment. It is made in both Gloss and Matte finishes. The two finishes can be mixed together to achieve whatever degree of gloss is needed. Aqueous China Glaze produces a very hard finish that can be sanded and polished to match an original finish.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-68100-08Aqueous China Glaze - Gloss, 8oz.$0.00
CM-68100-16Aqueous China Glaze - Gloss, 16oz.$0.00
CM-68100-32Aqueous China Glaze - Gloss, 32oz.$0.00
CM-68200-08Aqueous China Glaze - Matte, 8oz.$0.00
CM-68200-16Aqueous China Glaze - Matte, 16oz.$0.00
CM-68200-32Aqueous China Glaze - Matte, 32oz.$0.00

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