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Araldite AV 1253

Araldite AV 1253 is a must have for all furniture and frame conservators. Once mixed, the epoxy has a mahogany color and takes the form of a carvable paste. Araldite AV 1253 is recommended for the repair, filling and bonding of most all wooden objects. This epoxy is easily sanded, carved and worked with woodworking tools.

The mixing of Araldite AV 1253 by volume is a simple 1 to 1 mixing ratio. Mixing by weight, the ratio is 100 parts resin to 82 parts hardener. Once mixed, Araldite AV 1253 has a short pot life and should be used immediately.

Araldite AV 1253 comes packaged in kits that contain one container each of resin and of hardener. The sizes of the 8oz, 16oz and 64oz kits listed below are for the total volume of Araldite AV 1253 contained in each kit and are measured by volume, not weight. For example: the 16oz kit (measured by volume) contains one 8oz container of resin (7.66oz actual weight of material) and one 8oz container of hardener (6.26oz actual weight of material).


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-61253-0008Araldite AV 1253, 8oz Kit$0.00
AD-61253-0016Araldite AV 1253, 16oz Kit$0.00
AD-61253-0064Araldite AV 1253, 2 Quart Kit$0.00

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