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B-72 Undercoat White - Black

Our colored B-72 undercoat marking solution is a mixture of B-72 dissolved in acetone (15-20% solids content). It dries fast and has excellent adhesion to most surfaces. We offer this marking solution in opaque white and black, which can be used as an undercoat to be written upon drying. You can easily write on the dried solution within a few minutes with Pigma Pens, Zig Opaque Marking Pens or with most pigmented inks. If you need marking solution made with a special blend of solvents or color, let us know. We can make over 22 colors or dissolve the B-72 in many other solvent combinations needed. Shake bottle well before use.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AS-24201-0001B-72 Marking Solution-UC, White, 1oz.$0.00
AS-24201-0004B-72 Marking Solution-UC, White, 4oz.$0.00
AS-24201-0008B-72 Marking Solution-UC, White, 8oz$0.00
AS-24301-0001B-72 Marking Solution-UC, Black, 1oz.$0.00
AS-24301-0004B-72 Marking Solution-UC, Black, 4oz.$0.00
AS-24301-0008B-72 Marking Solution-UC, Black, 8oz.$0.00

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