Berna Multi-Clamps

The Hobby Clamps consist of a 3" or 8" long 1/8" Dia. carbon fiber beam on which two 3" polycarbonate clamping jaws with silicone rubber tips slide.

The Master Clamps are substantially bigger, stronger and more appropriate for use on larger scale projects. They consists of a 13", 19" or 29" long 3/8" Dia. carbon fiber beam on which two 4" or 6" polycarbonate clamping jaws with silicone rubber tips slide.

Hobby Multiclamps can be joined end to end to extend clamping length by using connectors. You can also utilize a strip of connectors to erect a free standing vise or base for larger workpieces.

Master Multiclamps can be extended in length by using a brass connector, or paired side by side using a helping hands connector.

All Clamps are sold as single units except for the assortment which consists of two large and one small clamp including two connectors.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
TL-10105Berna Hobby Clamp, 3” Beam, 3” Jaws$0.00
TL-10110Berna Hobby Clamp, 8” Beam, 3” Jaws$0.00
TL-10115Berna Hobby Clamp, Assortment Pack$0.00
TL-10120Berna Master Clamp, 13” Beam, 4” Jaws$0.00
TL-10125Berna Master Clamp, 13” Beam, 6” Jaws$0.00
TL-10130Berna Master Clamp, 19” Beam, 4” Jaws$0.00
TL-10135Berna Master Clamp, 19” Beam, 6” Jaws$0.00
TL-10140Berna Master Clamp, 29” Beam, 4” Jaws$0.00
TL-10145Berna Master Clamp, 29” Beam, 6” Jaws$0.00
TL-10154Berna Master Clamp Connector, 6 pk$0.00
TL-10156Berna Master Clamp Helping Hand$0.00

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