Powder Pigments

Black Gray Pigments

We have selected pigments from the finest manufactures around the world. All our pigments are light-fast and of the finest ground.

Our line of high-strength cadmium pure pigments are 10-25% stronger than conventional cadmium pigments. The colors are brighter, cleaner, have superior tinting strength and all have excellent light permanency.

Powder pigments can be used with a wide variety of mediums for use as paints or as tinting colors for fillers, epoxies and clear coating materials.

Remember that when using powder pigments, great care must be used to avoid inhalation and ingestion of the pigments. Always, wear a respirator and protective clothing, including gloves.

* SPECIAL CARBON BLACK: This is the darkest, cleanest, pure black pigment we have ever seen.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-34105-0002P/P, Bone Black 2 oz.$0.00
CO-34105-0004P/P, Bone Black 4 oz.$0.00
CO-34105-0016P/P, Bone Black 16 oz.$0.00
CO-34110-0002P/P, Carbon Black 2 oz.$0.00
CO-34110-0004P/P, Carbon Black 4 oz.$0.00
CO-34110-0016P/P, Carbon Black 16 oz$0.00
CO-34115-0002P/P, Special Carbon Black* 2 oz.$0.00
CO-34115-0004P/P, Special Carbon Black* 4 oz.$0.00
CO-34115-0016P/P, Special Carbon Black* 16 oz$0.00
CO-34120-0002P/P, Mars Black 2 oz.$0.00
CO-34120-0004P/P, Mars Black 4 oz.$0.00
CO-34120-0016P/P, Mars Black 16 oz$0.00
CO-34125-0002P/P, Graphite Gray 2 oz.$0.00
CO-34125-0004P/P, Graphite Gray 4 oz.$0.00
CO-34125-0016P/P, Graphite Gray 16 oz$0.00

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