Brass Mending Plates

Brass Mending Plates

Yes, these are real SOLID BRASS Mending Plates! Our mending plates contain no pot metal and are not plated steel, just 100% solid cartridge brass (260 alloy). 260 alloy brass has good to excellent corrosion resistance, is the most ductile of all the brasses and has superior cold workability. Our plates do not have any coating, which means overtime the surface will develop a patina. We custom manufacture our mending plates in our shop to specifications that meet the framing needs of the professional conservator, not the mass market. These mending plates can be bent to any shape needed with just two pairs of pliers. For more precise bends, we highly recommend the use of a vice and a pair of pliers. The plates measure 1/2" in width, 0.064" in thickness, and are stocked in 2", 3", and 4" lengths.

Upon special request, we can produce any custom size mending plate up to 12" in length. We can also adjust the placement of the holes or the number of holes needed. If more area for bending is needed we can also provide mending plates with only one hole per end. Please call for a quote for all special requests.

Our standard mending plate holes are countersunk to accept #4 flat head screws. We also produce mending plates with just a hole that is not countersunk to accommodate the use of #6/#8 pan head screws. If you have any specific needs not listed above please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

To attach the plates, we recommend the use of our following fasteners (sold separately): solid brass wood screw, #4 x 1/2", flat head, phillips drive (FH-28130) sold by the 100, 200, 400 and 1,000 pack. We can also supply any number of other screw options.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
FH-28130-0100Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 1/2", 100 pk$8.45
FH-28130-0200Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 1/2", 200 pk$15.38
FH-28130-0400Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 1/2", 400 pk$27.68
FH-28130-1000Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 1/2", 1,000 pk$69.20
FH-28140-0100Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 3/4", 100 pk$9.91
FH-28140-0200Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 3/4", 200 pk$17.52
FH-28140-0400Screw / WS / FH / PL / SB / 4 x 3/4", 400 pk$30.45
FH-38102-0001Brass Mending Plates, 2" x 1/2", each$2.25
FH-38102-0100Brass Mending Plates, 2" x 1/2", 100 pk$181.65
FH-38103-0001Brass Mending Plates, 3" x 1/2", each$2.55
FH-38103-0100Brass Mending Plates, 3" x 1/2", 100 pk$206.85
FH-38104-0001Brass Mending Plates, 4" x 1/2", each$2.86
FH-38104-0100Brass Mending Plates, 4" x 1/2", 100 pk$232.05

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