Bristle Filbert

The Kalish white bristle filberts are made in Ireland of the finest quality hair and craftsmanship. The bristles are firm and have great resilience. The long black handles are approx. 12" in length.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-30101Kalish Bristle Filbert, #1$0.00
BR-30102Kalish Bristle Filbert, #2$0.00
BR-30103Kalish Bristle Filbert, #3$0.00
BR-30104Kalish Bristle Filbert, #4$0.00
BR-30106Kalish Bristle Filbert, #6$0.00
BR-30108Kalish Bristle Filbert, #8$0.00
BR-30110Kalish Bristle Filbert, #10$0.00
BR-30112Kalish Bristle Filbert, #12$0.00

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