Chiron SG90

The CHIRON SG 90 is the new-generation low pressure universal sprayer. It is ideal for use with paints, varnishes, dispersions, adhesives and all sprayable materials.

The low-pressure spraying method is a fluid-flow method, which operates with large volumes of air, but with comparatively low pressures. The air which escapes at the head of the spray gun forms an air cone with a uniform flow, which does not atomize the material in an explosion, but instead merely separates it and pulverizes it to form minute particles. At the same time it forms a type of air dome between the spray gun and the object, which prevents the material particles from drifting off. The spray mist which is produced is consequently reduced to a minimum, and the material particles hit the object which must be sprayed rapidly and accurately. Since the air stream is hot, the adhesion and tightness of the coating is much improved. The initial drying time is moreover reduced.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-79455Chiron SG 90 Sprayer System$1,635.00

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