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Citrus Sol 915

Are you looking for a safer, all natural, more environmentally friendly solvent substitute for your current petroleum based solvents? Citrus Sol 915 is made of pure, orange terpene oils (food-grade), which is manufactured from citrus peels. Citrus Sol 915 is an absolutely water clear, low toxicity solvent that can be used for thinning most inpainting mediums, colorants and some resins such as Damar and Mastic Resins. Because it is made of pure citrus oils, it has only a light citrus scent, no harsh petroleum chemical smell to fill up your laboratory. It has virtually no aromatics, less than 0.01%. But don’t let the pleasant smell fool you, Citrus Sol 915 is not to be confused with the dozens of citrus-based cleaners on the market, this is a true solvent, and should be treated accordingly.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CH-12915-0008Citrus Sol 915, 8 oz.$0.00
CH-12915-0016Citrus Sol 915, Pint$0.00
CH-12915-0032Citrus Sol 915, Quart$0.00

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