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Bottles - Clear Glass Square Tablet Bottles

We are currently stocking clear flint glass square tablet bottles with Poly-Seal closures and a 1oz. bottle with a brush-in-cap closures. The Poly-Seal closures are known by their distinctive polyethylene cone seal which offers good chemical resistance and a tight seal. Other sizes and closures are available. Sold by the each and 12 pack. The 1oz bottle has a 24mm Poly-Seal cap. The 2oz bottle has a 28mm Poly-Seal cap. The 4oz bottle has a 33mm Poly-Seal cap.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-90700-001Tablet Bottle w/Brush-in-Cap, 1oz$0.00
LS-90700-012Tablet Bottle w/Brush-in-Cap, 1oz, 12 pk.$0.00
LS-90701-001Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 1oz$0.00
LS-90701-012Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 1oz, 12 pk.$0.00
LS-90702-001Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 2oz$0.00
LS-90702-012Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 2oz, 12 pk.$0.00
LS-90704-001Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 4oz$0.00
LS-90704-012Tablet Bottle w/Poly-Seal, 4oz, 12 pk.$0.00

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