Kolner Water Gilding System

Colnasol Gel Concentrate

The Kolner System is a unique and remarkable ready-to-use water gilding system for a wide variety of surfaces without the need of a underlying gesso base. The three components are a surface sealer, KOLNER 1223-A SEALER, the ready-to-use KOLNER BURNISHING CLAY and a gilder’s size made from COLNASOL GEL CONCENTRATE. No heating is required and the system can be applied and worked on over a period of several days.

Colnasol Gel Concentrate is an easily prepared size/adhesive available in 10 gram tablets. Dissolved in water, the gel makes a "gilder's liquor" designed for the adhesion of gold and silver leaf to Kolner Burnishing Clays. Sold in packs of 3 tablets.

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GS-58205-003Colnasol Gel Tablet, 3 Tablets$0.00

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