pH Measuring

ColorpHast pH Test Strips

ColorpHast pH test strips are made with a non-bleeding cellulose indicator tip bonded to a plastic strip. Because they are non-bleeding, they will not contaminate sample solutions. One to four, colored cellulose pH indicator squares are bonded to each strip permitting testing of a full pH range with a single strip. To find the pH of a sample solution, wet a pH indicator strip in your sample solution for a minute or two and compare the color of the strip to that of the reference chart located on the container of the package. Each pH range of strips come packed 100 strips per container.

Type of StrippH RangeSensitivity
Universal Range0.0 - 14.00.5 pH Units
Intermediate Range0.0 - 6.00.3 - 0.5 pH Units
Intermediate Range5.0 - 10.00.3 - 0.5 pH Units
Intermediate Range7.5 - 14.00.3 - 0.5 pH Units
Narrow Range4.0 - 7.00.2 - 0.3 pH Units
Narrow Range6.5 - 10.00.2 - 0.3 pH Units


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-38105ColorpHast pH Strips, 0 - 14$0.00
LS-38110ColorpHast pH Strips, 0 - 6 $0.00
LS-38115ColorpHast pH Strips, 5 - 10$0.00
LS-38120ColorpHast pH Strips, 7.5 - 14$0.00
LS-38125ColorpHast pH Strips, 4.0 - 7.0$0.00
LS-38130ColorpHast pH Strips, 6.5 - 10$0.00

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