Waxes, Microcrystalline


CSS-80H is a domestically made wax as a direct replacement for the imported Cosmoloid H 80. CSS-80H is a widely used in many sculpture coating formulations. It's also used as a modifier wax and can be used as a flatting agent for varnishes. CSS-80H is also acid-free and non-reactive with copper. We are having this wax produced for us here in the US to duplicate the specifications of Cosmoloid H 80.

Color: White
Form: Bead
Melt Point: 167-174F/75-81C
Penetration: 15-18


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-10110-0100CSS 80H, 1 lb.$11.83
CM-10110-0200CSS-80H, 1 kg.$21.69
CM-10110-0500CSS-80H, 5 lbs.$47.17
CM-10110-1000CSS-80H, 10 lbs.$89.31
CM-10110-2500CSS 80H, 25 lbs.$218.86
CM-10110-5500CSS-80H, 55 lbs.$469.59

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