Varnishing Brushes

CSS Light Ox Hair Varnishing Brush

The width and length of the brush is measured from where the hair leaves the quill.The CSS Light Ox Hair Varnishing Brush is made in Ireland by the finest craftsman to our specification. It is well chiseled to a straight edge. We had this brush made with the very best and finest light Ox hair you have ever seen. The hair has a thickness of 1/4" out of the ferrule (half way between a single and double thickness brush) and is set in a seamless, stainless steel ferrule. The black lacquered wood handle is approx. 6" in length. This brush will lay down a final varnish coat as smooth as glass. And no, this brush doesn't shed a hair. We know you will agree that this brush is one of the finest varnish brushes you have ever worked with, we guarantee it.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-84015CSS Light Ox Hair Var. Brush, 1-1/2"$31.00
BR-84020CSS Light Ox Hair Var. Brush, 2”$39.00
BR-84025CSS Light Ox Hair Var. Brush, 2-1/2” ”$47.00
BR-84030CSS Light Ox Hair Var. Brush, 3”$59.00

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