PVA and EVA Adhesives

CSS PVA-R Adhesive

Our CSS PVA-R is a water reversible version of our general purpose PVA 1100 adhesive. CSS PVA-R has the benefit of being water reversible after it has dried. It has excellent aging and yellowing properties and can be used for the bonding of fabric, paper, boards and temporary facing materials. The adhesive dries to a clear film that remains flexible over time. Keep in mind that CSS PVA-R is not Freeze-Thaw stable.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-54209-0016CSS PVA-R Adhesive, Pt.$12.61
AD-54209-0032CSS PVA-R Adhesive, Qt.$22.60
AD-54209-0100CSS PVA-R Adhesive, Gal.$63.92
AD-54209-0500CSS PVA-R Adhesive, 5 Gal.$269.11

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