Silica Gels

CSS-Sorb Bags Conditioned

CSS-SORB is an extra high efficiency silica gel that has exceptional characteristics of adsorption and desorption qualities in the 30 ®” 50% RH range. The mechanical properties of CSS-SORB are comprised of smooth silica gel beads approx. 1/8" (2.5 - 5.0mm) in diameter with a mean pore diameter of 30 angstroms. Dry CSS-SORB has an as shipped RH of approximately 1-2%. For a weight to volume reference, the bulk density of CSS-SORB is 47 lbs. per cu ft. or approx. 6 lbs. to a one gallon container.

CSS-SORB BAGS are available in the DRY form or preconditioned to the following relative humidity: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30%.

Bag Weight Dimensions
0.5 lb bag 8” length x 4-1/2” width x 5/8” thickness
1.0 lbs bag 10” length x 4-1/2” width x 1” thickness
1.5 lbs bag 12” length x 4-1/2” width x 1” thickness
2.0 lbs bag 14” length x 4-1/2” width x 1-1/2” thickness


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
EM-52010CSS-Sorb Bags, Conditioned, 1.0 lb$0.00
EM-52015CSS-Sorb Bags, Conditioned, 1.5 lb$0.00
EM-52020CSS-Sorb Bags, Conditioned, 2.0 lb$0.00

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