Inpainting Brushes

Da Vinci Maestro Series 35

The Da Vinci Maestro Series #35 has an extra long and pointedly shaped hair (similar to what brush makers call a "designers" or "animators" shape) that is made of pure Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair from selected male winter tails. The black handles are approx. 8" in length and have a shape that Da Vinci calls "esagonal", that means it's sort of triangular in basic shape, but highly rounded on the tips of the triangle forming a kind of hexagon shape. The hair is set in nickel plated brass ferrules. These brushes are sized using standard English sizes.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56+Quantity
BR-35000-0Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #0$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-00Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #2/0$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-1Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #1$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-2Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #2$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-3Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #3$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-4Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #4$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-5Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #5$0.00$0.00
BR-35000-6Da Vinci Ser. 35, Size #6$0.00$0.00

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