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Da Vinci Restauro Series 5506

The Da Vinci Restauro Kolinsky round brushes are pure Kolinsky sable made by one of Europe's finest brush manufacturers in Germany. These brushes were designed and made specifically for art restoration. The handles on these brushes are a work of art. Their shape is what's called "esagonal", which means it's sort of triangular in basic shape, but highly rounded on the tips of the triangle forming a kind of hexagon shape. Whatever you want call the handle shape, you'll love the way it feels in your hand. The intermediate price and excellent performance of the Restauro makes them an outstanding value. The black handles are approx. 8" in length, have a triangular shaped head just before the nickel plated brass ferrules. The hair forms a needle sharp point and has plenty of spring and life.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56+Quantity
BR-55060-130Da Vinci Restauro, Size #3/0$11.16$10.05
BR-55060-220Da Vinci Restauro, Size #2/0$11.64$10.48
BR-55060-300Da Vinci Restauro, Size #0$11.75$10.58
BR-55060-401Da Vinci Restauro, Size #1$12.36$11.12
BR-55060-402Da Vinci Restauro, Size #2$14.03$12.63
BR-55060-403Da Vinci Restauro, Size #3$16.37$14.73
BR-55060-404Da Vinci Restauro, Size #4$19.78$17.80
BR-55060-405Da Vinci Restauro, Size #5$22.66$20.40
BR-55060-406Da Vinci Restauro, Size #6$27.87$25.08

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