DAP Vinyl Spackling

DAP Vinyl Spackling is a ready to use filler. It is useful as a fine surface filler on most porous surfaces. As usual, deep fillings may require two or more applications. It's a non-sagging, non-shrinking paste that dries white in color. Once dried, it can be sanded and painted. It cleans up with water while wet and is water reversible after drying. DAP Vinyl Spackling is available in 2, 8, 16 fl. oz. containers.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-76105-0002Dap Vinyl Spackling, 2 fl. oz.$0.00
AD-76105-0008Dap Vinyl Spackling, 8 fl. oz.$0.00
AD-76105-0016Dap Vinyl Spackling, 16 fl. oz.$0.00

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