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Double Ended Carvers

Our double ended carvers are made of solid stainless steel with knurled handles. They are offered in a variety of shapes and styles for every use. Overall length is approximately 6-1/2". Choose from 12 different shapes. A convenient 12 piece set is packaged in a handy protective plastic foldover pouch.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-63005-01Double Ended Carver #1$0.00
LS-63005-02Double Ended Carver #2$0.00
LS-63005-03Double Ended Carver #3$0.00
LS-63005-04Double Ended Carver #4$0.00
LS-63005-05Double Ended Carver #5$0.00
LS-63005-06Double Ended Carver #6$0.00
LS-63005-07Double Ended Carver #7$0.00
LS-63005-08Double Ended Carver #8$0.00
LS-63005-09Double Ended Carver #9$0.00
LS-63005-10Double Ended Carver #10$0.00
LS-63005-11Double Ended Carver #11$0.00
LS-63005-12Double Ended Carver #12$0.00
LS-63005-13Double Ended Carver, Set of 12$0.00

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