Three-Speed Battery-Operated Hygrothermograph

Use this hygrothermograph for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. The sturdy base, tinted cover, and carrying handle are constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant acrylic. The quartz-controlled drive mechanism consistently rotates chart drum even when batteries are weak. Test battery condition with the press of a button. A flashing LED indicates that unit is operational. Uses two "C" batteries for up to 6 months of continuous operation. With the flip of a switch, chart rotation can record for a 1 day (15 min. increments), 7 days (2 hr. increments), or 32 days (6 hr. increments) operation. This model features a human hair bundle humidity sensor and an aged bimetallic strip temperature sensor. Response time is 15 minutes for 45% of reading. Exposure to RH levels above 90% can cause a decrease of about 7-10% RH in readings over the entire range due to temporary elongation of the hair bundle. When exposed to humidity levels below 80%, hair bundle will return to normal in about three weeks. Chart size is 6.6"H x 11.5" L. Unit Includes one roll of 1-month chart paper, red and blue pens and batteries.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
EM-32105Hygrothermograph, Drum Chart$0.00
EM-32110-BFelt-Tipped Pens, Blue - 6 pk$0.00
EM-32110-RFelt-Tipped Pens, Red - 6 pk$0.00
EM-32120-01CCharts, 1-day-C, 100 pk.$0.00
EM-32120-01FCharts, 1-day-F, 100 pk. $0.00
EM-32120-07CCharts, 7-day-C, 100 pk.$0.00
EM-32120-07FCharts, 7-day-F, 100 pk. $0.00
EM-32120-32CCharts, 32-day-C, 100 pk.$0.00
EM-32120-32FCharts, 32-day-F, 100 pk. $0.00
EM-32125Batteries, C-Cells, 2 pk. $0.00

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