Head Mounted Magnifiers

Eschenbach Frame Mounted Magnifier

The Eschenbach Frame Mounted Magnifier and Clip-On Magnifier offers a lightweight alternative to the Optivisor. If you don't wear prescription glasses, the Eschenbach Frame Mounted Magnifier is made up of a pair of lightweight metal frames that have an adjustable bridge and temples.

For those who wear prescription glasses, the Eschenbach Clip-On Magnifier will clip onto most any pair of frames.

The lightweight lenses (purchased separately from the frames) are made of highly polished acrylic and coated for long life. The lenses can be quickly interchanged to adjust the focal range. When the lens is not needed, simply flip it up out of the way.



Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
MA-11644Frame Mounted Magnifier$98.00
MA-11646Clip-On Mounted Magnifier$56.30
MA-16450-17Magnifier Lens - Binocular, 1.7X$47.40
MA-16451-20Magnifier Lens - Binocular, 2.0X$47.40
MA-16452-25Magnifier Lens - Binocular, 2.5X$47.40
MA-16453-30Magnifier Lens - Binocular, 3.0X$47.40
MA-16454-40Magnifier Lens - Monocular, 4.0X$47.40
MA-16457-70Magnifier Lens - Monocular, 7.0X$47.40

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