Gelling Mediums & Additives


Armeen CD, Ethomeen C/12 and Ethommeen C/25 are all used in conjunction with Carbopol Polymers as neutralizing agents to adjust the pH level of a gelled cleaning solution to achieve maximum viscosity.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CL-32012-0008Ethomeen C/12, 8oz$0.00
CL-32012-0016Ethomeen C/12, Pint$0.00
CL-32012-0032Ethomeen C/12, Quart$0.00
CL-32012-0100Ethomeen C/12, Gallon$0.00
CL-32025-0008Ethomeen C/25, 8oz$0.00
CL-32025-0016Ethomeen C/25, Pint$0.00
CL-32025-0032Ethomeen C/25, Quart$0.00
CL-32025-0100Ethomeen C/25, Gallon$0.00

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