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Our single piece explorers are ideal for lab applications such as positioning samples under a microscope, inspecting and cleaning. These explorers are approx. 6" to 7" in length and approx. 3/16" in diameter. The handles are hexangle in shape and are knurled for extra holding power. All of our explorers (except the three piece set) are made by Miltex Instrument Co. of Germany. Miltex is an industry leader in producing the world's finest surgical and dental instruments. These explorers are made of precision ground, highly polished, hardened stainless steel. The tips are tempered and hand-honed to needle sharpness. Our Six Piece Set consists of one each of the following explorers, #3HS, 6HS, 7HS, 17HS, 23HS and one straight. Our Three Piece Set consists of one each of the following explorers, # 7HS, 23HS and a straight one. Unlike all of the above explorers, the three piece set is imported from Pakistan.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-69001-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 1HD$0.00
LS-69002-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 2HD$0.00
LS-69003-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 3HD$0.00
LS-69003-HSExplore, Hex Handle, Single, 3HS$0.00
LS-69005-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 5HD$0.00
LS-69006-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 6HD$0.00
LS-69006-HSExplore, Hex Handle, Single, 6HS$0.00
LS-69007-HDExplore, Hex Handle, Double, 7HD$0.00
LS-69007-HSExplore, Hex Handle, Single, 7HS$0.00
LS-69017-HSExplore, Hex Handle, Single, 17HS$0.00
LS-69023-HSExplore, Hex Handle, Single, 23HS$0.00
LS-69033Explore, Hex Handle, Single, 3 Set$0.00
LS-69066Explore, Hex Handle, Single, 6 Set$0.00
LS-70002-RDExplore, Round Handle, Double, 2RD$0.00
LS-70003-CHRDExplore, Round Handle, Double, 3CHRD$0.00
LS-70003-RDExplore, Round Handle, Double, 3RD$0.00
LS-70003-RSExplore, Round Handle, Single, 3RS$0.00
LS-70005-RDExplore, Round Handle, Double, 5RD$0.00
LS-70006-RSExplore, Round Handle, Single, 6RS$0.00
LS-70016-RDExplore, Round Handle, Double, 16RD$0.00
LS-70017-RSExplore, Round Handle, Single, 17RS$0.00
LS-70023-RSExplore, Round Handle, Single, 23RS$0.00

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