Polyester Felt

Felt Tape PSA Backed

Our PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backed 100% pure polyester felt tape rolls are made of 1/16” thick polyester felt and are 50' in length. We originally had this felt tape made for all the painting conservators who requested it to protect the surface of paintings from the bare wood of frame rabbets. Felt tape has hundreds of other uses, it's a great material for use in displays and mounts as protective padding. We stock five different widths of felt tape, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” in two colors, Black and Dark Brown. All felt tape is sold by the roll. Upon special request, most any other widths are available up to 36” with a 5-roll minimum (no minimums applies to standard sizes). Give us a call for pricing on non-stocked sizes. Please note that ¼” width is as narrow as this material can be cut. We can usually ship your special order within just a day or two. As with most special orders, they are not returnable.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56 - 1112+Quantity
FB-24105Felt Tape, 1/4” - Black$5.50$4.95$4.40
FB-24110Felt Tape, 1/4” - Dark Brown$5.50$4.95$4.40
FB-24115Felt Tape, 3/8” - Black$6.58$5.92$5.26
FB-24120Felt Tape, 3/8” - Dark Brown$6.58$5.92$5.26
FB-24125Felt Tape, 1/2” - Black$7.66$6.89$6.13
FB-24130Felt Tape, 1/2” - Dark Brown$7.66$6.89$6.13
FB-24135Felt Tape, 3/4” - Black$10.23$9.20$8.18
FB-24140Felt Tape, 3/4” - Dark Brown$10.23$9.20$8.18
FB-24145Felt Tape, 1” - Black$12.35$11.12$9.88
FB-24150Felt Tape, 1” - Dark Brown$12.35$11.12$9.88

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