Flat Chart Hygrothermograph

Record temperature and humidity with this microprocessor-based recorder with remote sensing capabilities and user selectability of both temperature ranges and recording times. The user sets all recording parameters using a keypad and dip switches. The THDx has an 8" chart for superior resolution and a digital display for temperature and humidity readings at a glance. °C/°F switchable. Min/Max feature. Remote sensing with extension cables. Recording times: 1, 7, and 31 day. Alarms: High/Low, Audio/Visual. Power supply: 120V DC, 120V AC adapter is supplied with the unit. Back up power is supplied with 4 "D" batteries. The dimensions of this unit are: 10.5" tall, 13.2" wide and 2.8" in thickness.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
EM-30105Hygrothermograph, Flat Chart$0.00
EM-30110-010Probe Extension Cable, 10'$0.00
EM-30110-050Probe Extension Cable, 50'$0.00
EM-30110-100Probe Extension Cable, 100'$0.00
EM-30115Flat Chart Pens Set (3 red and 3 blue)$0.00
EM-30120-040CFlat Chart, +5 / +40C$0.00
EM-30120-050CFlat Chart, -20 / +50C$0.00
EM-30120-110FFlat Chart, +40 / +110F$0.00
EM-30120-120FFlat Chart, -20 / +120F$0.00
EM-30125Batteries, D-Cells, 4 pk.$0.00

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