Cleaning Brushes

Flat Cleaning Brush

A quality, affordable, disposable, white bristle brush. Although these are a disposable type brush, they are of a much higher grade than we have seen elsewhere. They are made of white china bristle, securely set in epoxy, in a plain wood handle approx. 8" in length. Makes a great gluing or cleaning brush. Hundreds of other uses.


Catalog No.Description1 - 1112+Quantity
BR-46010Flat Cleaning Brush, 1”$0.00$0.00
BR-46015Flat Cleaning Brush, 1-1/2”$0.00$0.00
BR-46020Flat Cleaning Brush, 2”$0.00$0.00
BR-46025Flat Cleaning Brush, 2-1/2”$0.00$0.00
BR-46030Flat Cleaning Brush, 3”$0.00$0.00
BR-46040Flat Cleaning Brush, 4”$0.00$0.00

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