Abrasive Sheets


Flex-I-Grit is a tough, sanding film bonded to polyester. It won't crack, peel, clog, scratch or breakdown like ordinary sandpaper. It can be used either wet or dry. Each sheet is 9" x 11". Packed 4 sheets per each grade or in an assortment that contains one sheet of each grade.

Coarse = 23 microns/Silicon Carbide, Medium = 23 microns/Aluminum Oxide, Fine = 8 microns/Silicon Carbide, Very Fine = 1.5 microns/Cerium Oxide.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AB-37100Flex-I-Grit, Micro/Coarse$0.00
AB-37105Flex-I-Grit, Micro/Medium$0.00
AB-37110Flex-I-Grit, Micro/Fine$0.00
AB-37115Flex-I-Grit, Micro/Very Fine$0.00
AB-37120Flex-I-Grit, Micro Assortment$0.00

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