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Foam Tipped Applicators Style 1806-WCSF

Foam Tipped Applicators can be a great alternative to cotton tipped applicators. The tips are 100% urethane foam with 100PPI porosity. The foam tip is lint-free, non-abrasive, shred-resistant and bonded securely to the wooden shafts with a chemical-resistant adhesive. The foam tip is absorbent and is suitable for use with most cleaning solutions, including solutions that contain detergents, soaps, alcohols and even acetone. Foam Over Cotton Tipped Applicators offers the best of both cotton and foam. The tips of the last two styles listed below have a urethane foam tip placed over a U.S.P. grade cotton tipped applicator for superior absorption and cleaning properties. Style #1803-WCSF is a single tipped foam applicator that has the foam tip bonded over a cotton tipped applicator to a 6" long wooden shaft. The tip measures 1/4" in diameter and is 9/16" in length. They are packaged 100 swabs per pack, 500 per box and 1,000 per case.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CL-24815-0100Applicator #1806-WCSF, 100$0.00
CL-24815-0500Applicator #1806-WCSF, 500$0.00
CL-24815-1000Applicator #1806-WCSF, 1,000$0.00

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