Surface Thermometers

Four Magnet Surface Thermometer

Our fully enclosed surface thermometer uses a unilateral thermal sensor, which measures the temperature of the contact surface. There are no externally exposed components to this thermometer, the entire thermometer is completely enclosed to protect the bimetal thermal sensor from dirt and dust. The thermometer has a 2" diameter dial and an accuracy of ®±2% of full scale range. Available in either 0° to +300°F with 2° Divisions and -10° to +150°C

Available in either:
0° to +250°F with 2° Divisions
-20° to +120°C with 1° Divisions
0° to +500°F with 5° Divisions
-20° to +250°C with 2° Divisions


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-40025Surface Thermometer, Enclosed - F$0.00
LS-40050Surface Thermometer, Enclosed - F$0.00
LS-42012Surface Thermometer, Enclosed - C$0.00
LS-42025Surface Thermometer, Enclosed - C$0.00

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