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Fumed Silica - Hydrophobic

Hydrophobic fumed silica is made to disperse in solvent-based systems. This fumed silica can be used in many resin systems, adhesives and coatings. The specific surface area of this fumed silica is 130 m2/g. A 4%slurry of hydrophilic fumed silica has a ph value of 4.5-5.5. The refractive index is 1.456 with a transparency factor of 0.20. For weight to volume reference, 2 oz. = quart container, 4 oz. = ½ gallon container, 8 oz. = one gallon container, and a 1 kg container is the size of a box that measures 10 " x 10 " x 10 ".


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-72140-0002Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 2oz$0.00
AD-72140-0004Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 4oz$0.00
AD-72140-0008Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 8oz$0.00
AD-72140-0100Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 1 lb.$0.00
AD-72140-0200Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 1 kg.$0.00
AD-72140-0500Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 5 lbs.$0.00
AD-72140-2200Fumed Silica / Hydrophobic, 22 lbs.$0.00

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