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Gamvar Picture Varnish

Gamvar Picture Varnish is a low molecular weight synthetic resin varnish based on Regalrez, which has a refractive index similar to Damar natural resin varnish. Gamvar comes as a kit, one solvent and one mixing container. The solvent container has a mixture of mineral spirits, Kraton Rubber and Tinuvin (ultraviolet light stabilizer). The container with the Regalrez is also used as the mixing jar. When the two are combined and the resin is completely dissolved you will have 5.4 fl oz of varnish with a solids content of 35%. At full strength you will have enough varnish for 80 square feet of paintings. This formula is based on extensive research done by The National Gallery of Art and therefore part of each sale is donated to them in support of further research.


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