Fish Based Adhesives

Gelatin Sheets

Our sheet gelatin is clear in color which makes a clear solution when dissolved in water. Each sheet measures approx. 9 " x 2-1/2 " and is clear/amber in color. The sheets are embossed with 80 diamonds that allows for easy measurement. A two diamond section is equivalent to a 00 capsule. For a quantity to weight reference, 16 sheets equals 1 oz., 64 sheets equals 4 oz., 128 sheets equals 8 oz., 256 sheets equals 1 lb., 512 sheets equals 1 kg.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-53410-0001Gelatin-Sheets, 1 oz$0.00
AD-53410-0004Gelatin-Sheets, 4 oz$0.00
AD-53410-0008Gelatin-Sheets, 8 oz$0.00
AD-53410-0100Gelatin-Sheets, 1 lb$0.00
AD-53410-0220Gelatin-Sheets, 1 kg$0.00

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