Gilding Brushes

Gilders Mops

The width and length of the brush is measured from where the hair leaves the quill. The brushes largest dimension is near the tip, and is approx. one and a half times the measured width dimension.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-62004-0001Gilders Mop, #4 10mm x 32mm, squirrel$0.00
BR-62004-0002Gilders Mop, #4 10mm x 32mm, goat$0.00
BR-62006-0001Gilders Mop, #6 12mm x 38mm, squirrel$0.00
BR-62006-0002Gilders Mop, #6 12mm x 38mm, goat$0.00
BR-62008-0001Gilders Mop, #8 14mm x 40mm, squirrel$0.00
BR-62008-0002Gilders Mop, #8 14mm x 40mm, goat$0.00
BR-62010-0001Gilders Mop, #10 16mm x 45mm, squirrel$0.00
BR-62010-0002Gilders Mop, #10 16mm x 45mm, goat$0.00
BR-62012Gilders Mop, #12 18mm x 50mm, goat$0.00
BR-62015Gilders Mop, #15 22mm x 55mm, goat$0.00
BR-62020Gilders Mop, #20 28mm x 60mm, goat$0.00

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