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Gilders Tips

Our Gilding Tips are made from the highest quality squirrel and sable hair. Tips are available in a range of widths and lengths all having cardboard handles. Tips are manufactured in two weights, single and double, with the double tip having more hairs. Single tips are used for gold leaf work. Double tips are generally used to pick up heavier leaf such as genuine silver, palladium and metal leaves. Most tips have a hair length of 2". XL tips have a hair length of 2-1/2". Many other sizes are available on request.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-60020-0001Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 2”, single$0.00
BR-60020-0002Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 2”, double$0.00
BR-60025-0001Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 2-1/2”, single$0.00
BR-60025-0002Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 2-1/2”, double$0.00
BR-60030-0001Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 3”, single$0.00
BR-60030-0002Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 3”, double$0.00
BR-60035-0001Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 3-1/2”, single$0.00
BR-60035-0002Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 3-1/2”, double$0.00
BR-60040-0001Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 4”, single$0.00
BR-60040-0002Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 4”, double$0.00
BR-60135Gilding Tip-Squirrel, 3-1/2” XL Long, double$0.00
BR-60235Gilding Tip-Sable, 3-1/2”$0.00

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