Abrasive Sheets


Glass-Grit is a unique sandpaper that uses powdered glass as the abrasive medium instead of aluminum oxide, garnet, etc. It is most commonly used in ceramic restoration because of its special properties. Because the glass powder used to make this sandpaper is softer than a true fired ceramic glaze, it can be used to sand fill materials without scratching the original glazed finish. Each sheet is 9" x 11". Glass-Grit is packed 4 sheets per grade or in an assortment that contains one sheet of each grade.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AB-36120Glass-Grit, 120$0.00
AB-36180Glass-Grit, 180$0.00
AB-36220Glass-Grit, 220$0.00
AB-36240Glass-Grit, 240$0.00
AB-36299Glass-Grit, Assortment$0.00

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