Glassine, Acid-Free

Glassine acid-Free Sheet Stock

Our acid-free glassine (26gm2) is excellent for a variety of conservation applications such as wrapping and interleafing. It is transparent and smooth with a pH of approximately 7.0 and is unbuffered. Its light weight makes it easy to fold or shape and is excellent for use in situations where its transparency is helpful. A 100 yd roll has 300 ft of glassine paper.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
PB-11114-0050 Glassine, 11” x 14”, 50 Sheets$0.00
PB-12436-0050 Glassine, 24” x 36”, 50 Sheets$0.00
PB-12436-0100 Glassine, 24” x 36”, 100 Sheets$0.00
PB-12436-0500 Glassine, 24” x 36”, 500 Sheets$0.00
PB-13648-0025 Glassine, 36” x 48”, 25 Sheets$0.00
PB-13648-0050 Glassine, 36” x 48”, 50 Sheets$0.00
PB-13648-0100 Glassine, 36” x 48”, 100 Sheets$0.00
PB-13648-0500 Glassine, 36” x 48”, 500 Sheets$0.00

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