Goldens Heavy Body Acrylic Colors Water-Born

Golden's Heavy Body Acrylic Colors are known for their exceptionally smooth and thick consistency. They contain the largest assortment of unique pure lightfast pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion vehicle available. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added. When dry, these colors are satin-matte in appearance. We have had many conservators request this product for tinting and glazing. Golden's Heavy Body Acrylic Colors are packaged in 4, 8 and 16 fl. oz. plastic jars in 81 colors.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-18105GHBA, Bone Black$0.00
CO-18110GHBA, Carbon Black$0.00
CO-18115GHBA, Mars Black$0.00
CO-18120GHBA, Anthraquinone Blue$0.00
CO-18125GHBA, Cerulean Blue$0.00
CO-18127GHBA, Cerulean Blue Deep$0.00
CO-18130GHBA, Cobalt Blue$0.00
CO-18132GHBA, Primary Cyan$0.00
CO-18135GHBA, Phthalo Blue (G. S.)$0.00
CO-18140GHBA, Phthalo Blue (R. S.)$0.00
CO-18145GHBA, Ultramarine Blue$0.00
CO-18150GHBA, Cobalt Turquoise$0.00
CO-18155GHBA, Turquoise (Phthalo)$0.00
CO-18160GHBA, Burnt Umber$0.00
CO-18165GHBA, Burnt Umber Light$0.00
CO-18170GHBA, Raw Umber$0.00
CO-18175GHBA, Quinacridone Gold$0.00
CO-18180GHBA, Paynes Gray$0.00
CO-18181GHBA, Graphite Gray$0.00
CO-18182GHBA, Neutral Gray N2$0.00
CO-18183GHBA, Neutral Gray N3$0.00
CO-18184GHBA, Neutral Gray N4$0.00
CO-18185GHBA, Neutral Gray N5$0.00
CO-18186GHBA, Neutral Gray N6$0.00
CO-18187GHBA, Neutral Gray N7$0.00
CO-18188GHBA, Neutral Gray N8$0.00
CO-18189GHBA, Chromium Oxide Green$0.00
CO-18190GHBA, Cobalt Green$0.00
CO-18192GHBA, Cobalt Teal$0.00
CO-18195GHBA, Cobalt Titanate Green$0.00
CO-18200GHBA, Green Gold$0.00
CO-18205GHBA, Jenkins Green$0.00
CO-18210GHBA, Permanent Green Light$0.00
CO-18215GHBA, Phthalo Green (B. S.)$0.00
CO-18220GHBA, Phthalo Green (Y. S.)$0.00
CO-18225GHBA, Cadmium Orange$0.00
CO-18230GHBA, Vat Orange$0.00
CO-18231GHBA, Orange Oxide$0.00
CO-18232GHBA, Quin. Burnt Orange$0.00
CO-18233GHBA, Pyrrol Orange$0.00
CO-18235GHBA, Burnt Sienna$0.00
CO-18240GHBA, Cadmium Red Dark$0.00
CO-18245GHBA, Cadmium Red Light$0.00
CO-18250GHBA, Cadmium Red Medium$0.00
CO-18255GHBA, Naphthol Red Light$0.00
CO-18256GHBA, Naphthol Red Med$0.00
CO-18257GHBA, Primary Magenta$0.00
CO-18260GHBA, Pyrrole Red$0.00
CO-18261GHBA, Pyrrole Red Light$0.00
CO-18265GHBA, Red Oxide$0.00
CO-18266GHBA, Trans. Red Iron Oxide$0.00
CO-18270GHBA, Quinacridone Crimson$0.00
CO-18271GHBA, Quinacridone Magenta$0.00
CO-18275GHBA, Quinacridone Red$0.00
CO-18280GHBA, Quinacridone Red Light$0.00
CO-18285GHBA, Dioxazine Purple$0.00
CO-18290GHBA, Naphthamide Maroon$0.00
CO-18295GHBA, Quinacridone Violet$0.00
CO-18296GHBA, Ultramarine Violet$0.00
CO-18297GHBA, Permanent Violet Dark$0.00
CO-18300GHBA, Violet Oxide$0.00
CO-18305GHBA, Titan Buff$0.00
CO-18310GHBA, Titanium White$0.00
CO-18315GHBA, Zinc White$0.00
CO-18320GHBA, Cadmium Yellow Dark$0.00
CO-18325GHBA, Cadmium Yellow Light$0.00
CO-18330GHBA, Cadmium Yellow Med. $0.00
CO-18335GHBA, Cadmium Yw Primrose$0.00
CO-18340GHBA, Diarylide Yellow$0.00
CO-18345GHBA, Hansa Yellow Light$0.00
CO-18350GHBA, Hansa Yellow Medium$0.00
CO-18351GHBA, Hansa Yellow Opaque$0.00
CO-18355GHBA, Mars Yellow$0.00
CO-18360GHBA, Nickel Azo Yellow$0.00
CO-18361GHBA, Primary Yellow$0.00
CO-18365GHBA, Raw Sienna$0.00
CO-18370GHBA, Titanate Yellow$0.00
CO-18371GHBA, Trans. Yellow Iron Oxide$0.00
CO-18375GHBA, Yellow Ochre$0.00
CO-18380GHBA, Yellow Oxide$0.00
CO-18385GHBA, Hand Painted Color Chart$0.00

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