Goldens MSA Restoration Colors

Golden's Mineral Spirit Acrylic (MSA) Restoration Colors are produced from a mineral spirit-borne acrylic (n-butyl methacrylate) resin system. MSA colors dry quickly without color change to form a durable film with excellent chemical resistance to acids/alkalis, water and ultraviolet light. All pigments used in Golden's MSA Colors, both natural and synthetic, are chosen for their greatest purity and permanency within each chemical class. The colors remain soluble in most chlorinated and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents. Golden MSA Color selection is exceptional! They are available in 58 colors and are packed in 1, 4 and 16 fluid ounce glass containers. When you buy a set of 58 colors you will save an additional 5% off our already discounted prices.

Lightfastness: Excellent Lightfastness / Permanency * Very Good Lightfastness / Permanency ** Very Good Lightfastness / Permanency *** Transparency: Most Opaque = 1 Most Transparent = 8


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-14105MSA, Bone Black$7.88
CO-14110MSA, Carbon Black$7.88
CO-14115MSA, Mars Black$7.88
CO-14120MSA, Anthraquinone Blue$12.18
CO-14125MSA, Cerulean Blue$12.18
CO-14130MSA, Cobalt Blue$13.52
CO-14135MSA, Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)$10.03
CO-14140MSA, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)$10.03
CO-14145MSA, Ultramarine Blue$10.03
CO-14150MSA, Cobalt Turquoise$13.52
CO-14155MSA, Turquoise (Phthalo)$10.03
CO-14160MSA, Burnt Umber$7.88
CO-14165MSA, Burnt Umber Light$7.88
CO-14170MSA, Raw Umber$7.88
CO-14175MSA, Quinacridone Gold$12.18
CO-14180MSA, Graphite Gray$10.03
CO-14185MSA, Paynes Gray$10.03
CO-14190MSA, Chromium Oxide Green$10.03
CO-14195MSA, Cobalt Green$10.03
CO-14200MSA, Cobalt Titanate Green$10.03
CO-14205MSA, Green Gold$12.18
CO-14210MSA, Jenkins Green$12.18
CO-14215MSA, Permanent Green Light$10.03
CO-14220MSA, Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)$10.03
CO-14225MSA, Phthalo Green (Yel. Shade)$10.03
CO-14230MSA, Cadmium Orange$13.52
CO-14235MSA, Quinacridone Burnt Orange$12.18
CO-14240MSA, Vat Orange$13.52
CO-14245MSA, Burnt Sienna$7.88
CO-14250MSA, Cadmium Red Dark$13.52
CO-14255MSA, Cadmium Red Light$13.52
CO-14260MSA, Cadmium Red Medium$13.52
CO-14265MSA, Naphthol Red Light$10.56
CO-14270MSA, Naphthol Red Medium$10.56
CO-14275MSA, Pyrrole Red$13.52
CO-14280MSA, Red Oxide$7.88
CO-14285MSA, Quinacridone Crimson$12.18
CO-14290MSA, Quinacridone Red$10.56
CO-14295MSA, Quinacridone Red Light$12.18
CO-14300MSA, Dioxazine Purple$10.56
CO-14305MSA, Quinacridone Violet$10.56
CO-14310MSA, Violet Oxide$7.88
CO-14315MSA, Titan Buff$7.88
CO-14320MSA, Titanium White$7.88
CO-14325MSA, Zinc White$7.88
CO-14330MSA, Cadmium Yellow Dark$12.18
CO-14335MSA, Cadmium Yellow Light$12.18
CO-14340MSA, Cadmium Yellow Med$12.18
CO-14345MSA, Cadmium Yellow Primrose$12.18
CO-14350MSA, Diarylide Yellow$10.56
CO-14355MSA, Hansa Yellow Light$10.03
CO-14360MSA, Hansa Yellow Medium$10.03
CO-14365MSA, Mars Yellow$7.88
CO-14368MSA, Nickel Azo Yellow$10.56
CO-14370MSA, Raw Sienna$7.88
CO-14375MSA, Titanate Yellow$7.88
CO-14380MSA, Yellow Ochre$7.88
CO-14385MSA, Yellow Oxide$7.88
CO-14390MSA, Set of 58 Colors$542.17
CO-14395MSA, Hand Painted Color Chart$0.00

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