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Graduated Cylinders

Our double metric scale cylinders have graduations, heavy round bases, and pouring spouts. They are ideal for routine usage while providing required thermal strength. Strengthened rim with flare trimmed back. Tolerances of cylinders are ±0.1ml to 2.6ml. All cylinders feature protective hexagonal bumper guards.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-92205-0010Graduated Cylinder-10ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0010-4Graduated Cylinder-10ml 4pk$0.00
LS-92205-0025Graduated Cylinder-25ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0025-4Graduated Cylinder-25ml 4pk$0.00
LS-92205-0050Graduated Cylinder-50ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0050-4Graduated Cylinder-50ml 4pk$0.00
LS-92205-0100Graduated Cylinder-100ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0100-4Graduated Cylinder-100ml 4pk$0.00
LS-92205-0250Graduated Cylinder-250ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0250-4Graduated Cylinder-250ml 4pk$0.00
LS-92205-0500Graduated Cylinder-500ml each$0.00
LS-92205-0500-2Graduated Cylinder-500ml 2pk$0.00
LS-92205-1000Graduated Cylinder-1000ml each$0.00
LS-92205-1000-2Graduated Cylinder-1000ml 2pk$0.00
LS-92205-2000Graduated Cylinder-2000ml$0.00

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