Ground Eraser Powder & Pads

Ground eraser powder is recommended for cleaning dirty paper but also works well on books, leather, cloth and much more. Our ground eraser powder and pads are made from finely ground art gun erasers (same formula as Opaline and Lions). Our ground eraser powder is available in either a (1) pound shaker top can or as a pad that is made of soft cloth tubing that contains the same powder material that is in the cans.

USAGE: Sprinkle a thin layer of cleaning powder over the item to be cleaned. Using a soft, clean cloth, gently rub the cleaning powder over the surface to be cleaned. Rubbing the cleaning powder on the soiled surface will cause any dirt or dust to be absorbed into the cleaning powder. When you're finished cleaning, use a brush with fairly soft hair to remove the used cleaning powder from the cleaned surface. You may need to repeat the cleaning process several times to achieve the desired results.


Catalog No.Description1 - 1112+Quantity
CL-16150Ground Eraser Powder, Pad, Each$5.85$5.10
CL-16151Ground Eraser Powder, 1 lb Can$17.21$14.86

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