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Hxtal NYL-1 Epoxy

Hxtal NYL-1 Epoxy is a crystal clear, non-yellowing, two part epoxy resin system. Unlike other epoxies that where made for hobby, home and industrial uses, Hxtal was designed especially for restoration. It can be used on glass, porcelain, marble, wood, metal and much more. Hxtal can be colored, or filled to match porcelain.

The use of Hxtal is not limited to an adhesive, but is also an excellent porcelain glazing medium that can be applied by hand brush or airbrush. When using Hxtal in this application you may need to thin it for proper spraying. It can be thinned with toluene, xylene and many other thinners including the lower aromatic solvents such as some of the Shell solvents or combination thereof. You will need to experiment with the type of solvent combinations and dilution level that best meets the needs of your particular application.

Hxtal fully cures in approximately 5-7 days at room temperature (75°F). Several steps can be taken to speed up the curing process. Raising the temperature surrounding a repaired artifact to 90-100°F for 12 hours or so can cut the cure time to approx. 1-1/2 to 2 days. Raising the temperature of the artifact being repaired to 130-140°F prior to applying Hxtal will reduce cure time. Be careful whenever heating an artifact to these temperatures, previous restoration treatments may have used materials that do not behave well at elevated temperatures. Catalyzed Hxtal raised to the temperature of 120-130°F for fifteen to twenty minutes prior to use will decrease curing time to as short as a 5-8 hours. Remember, when heating catalyzed Hxtal, stir (a Teflon Policeman works well) the mixture throughout the heating process. It is always best to heat the epoxy slowly and evenly. This is best done in a water bath or in other mediums such as a heated sandbox. NEVER let the temperature go above 150°F. Over-elevating the temperature of Hxtal can have side effects such as an increased chance of yellowing and loss of adhesive strength. Short elevated temperatures will reduce the viscosity of Hxtal. This can come in handy when trying to getting the epoxy into tight fitting joints. One bad side-effect from the thinner viscosity is that the epoxy may try to run out of loose fitting joints.

Hxtal is measured by weight. This requires precise measuring that is best done using a digital or triple beam scale that measures in 0.1 gram increments. To mix Hxtal, weigh 3 parts of resin to 1 part of catalyst (3:1). If you don't have a scale, Hxtal can be measured using syringes. Both the resin and catalyst of Hxtal weighs approximately the same, that is about 2 grams per CC or ml. Knowing this information, and that Hxtal is mixed 3 parts of resin to 1 part of catalyst, allows you to use syringes to "Weigh " the proper amounts of resin and catalyst. The chart below can be used to find the proper mixing proportions.

Remember when using syringes, never, ever, cross contaminate your two source bottles of Hxtal by putting a syringe used to measure resin into the container holding catalyst. We suggest you clearly mark or label both syringes.

If you mix too much Hxtal to be used at one time, the leftover amount can be stored in an airtight container or syringe and placing it in a freezer for up to a week or so. Just thaw it out and it's ready to use.

2 oz: Resin 1.5 oz / Catalyst 0.5 oz.
4 oz: Resin 3.0 oz / Catalyst 1.0 oz.
8 oz: Resin 6.0 oz / Catalyst 2.0 oz.
1 lb: Resin 12.0 oz / Catalyst 4.0 oz.
2 lbs: Resin 1.5 lbs / Catalyst 0.5 lbs
10 lbs: Resin 7.5 lbs / Catalyst 2.5 lbs

Total Hxtal NYL-1 Needed Resin Part-A / Catalyst Part-B
1/4 oz. / 7 g. 6cc / 2cc
1/2 oz. / 14 g. 12cc / 4cc
1 oz. / 28 g. 24cc / 8cc


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-86000-0002Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 2 oz.$30.85
AD-86000-0004Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 4 oz.$57.95
AD-86000-0008Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 8 oz.$97.88
AD-86000-0100Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 1 lb.$157.50
AD-86000-0200Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 2 lbs.$240.00
AD-86000-1000Hxtal NYL-1 Kit, 10 lbs.$965.00
AD-86200-0002Hxtal NYL-1 Catalyst, 2 oz$8.93

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